Who we are

Who we are

The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure and stable Somalia. The Fund offers Somali stakeholders a source of multi-year funding that responds to local needs and opportunities and provides sustained support to long-term locally driven efforts to build stability in Somalia.

Based on macro-level analysis, SSF operates across the newly-formed Federal Member States in Somalia to address structural drivers of conflict and instability, with a focus on addressing key fault-lines that drive political conflict; fostering community-government relations; increasing popular participation in governance; and reducing vulnerability to conflict in targeted areas.


Where we work

The Stability Fund invests in locations where local governance is at its weakest and security is poor, but where there is potential to make progress. This includes the newly-recovered areas of Somalia and other conflict-affected locations.

Our Guiding Principles

Context Appropriate

The Somalia Stability Fund strategy and programming is based on regular analysis, ensuring a flexible and adaptive approach which responds to changes on the ground.

Risk & Return

The Fund invests in tackling the structural drivers of conflict, striking a balance between supporting short-term stability and creating the conditions for long-term stability.

Engage With Politics

The Fund uses project funding to build confidence in political processes and underpins the agreements that come out of them.

Local Ownership

The Fund ensures alignment with government priorities and regular engagement; while maintaining a strong focus on community engagement.

Learning & Adapting

The Fund uses learning to support the iteration and adaptation of strategy and programming in line with emerging evidence and lessons.

Coalition Building

The Fund works in coalition with a range of actors to pursue policy objectives and use diverse fora to share learning and encourage a commonality of intent.

Right People, Right Places

The Fund’s resources are focused at the FMS and district level, ensuring a broadly equal allocation of funds across FMS, with potentially higher resources for the newer states.

Gender & Conflict Sensitive

Investments under the Fund aim to positively address conflict dynamics and shift gendered power relations to promote women’s empowerment