The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is a multi-donor fund that supports the development of a peaceful, stable and secure Somalia. It is designed to support enhanced government legitimacy and reduced political and communal conflict through the Fund’s work on increasing government visibility and community engagement; enhancing popular participation in governance particularly for women and marginalised groups; and addressing structural drivers of conflict and instability at the political and communal level.

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SSF invests in

Peace & Reconciliation Efforts

The Somalia Stability Fund invests in producing rigorous analysis to identify the structural drivers of conflict in Somalia. The Somalia Stability Fund supports investments that address political conflicts identified as priorities by the Fund as well as using the analysis findings to shape the broader stability agenda in Somalia. SSF supports investments that support local owned solutions and structures that address communal causes of conflict and instability by creating opportunities for reconciliation and collaboration around mutual interests.


The Somalia Stability Fund invests in initiatives that support government institutions to deliver public services and initiatives that improve livelihoods. Through these investments SSF aims to contribute towards greater government visibility and community engagement, in order to improve trust between communities and government and tackle perceived social and economic inequalities between groups, ultimately contributing to improved government legitimacy and reduced incentives to engaged in violent conflict.

Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

The Somalia Stability Fund supports investments that mainstream gender and social inclusion throughout their programming. The Stability Fund invests in programmes that improve the popular participation of women and marginalised groups in formal governance processes.

Who We Are

The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia.

It offers Somali stakeholders a source of multi-year funding that can respond to locally identified needs and opportunities. The Fund works with communities and government actors at all levels, providing sustained support to long-term local efforts of building stability in Somalia.

Our Key Achievements

The Somalia Stability Fund works under three key pillars – stabilization, state-building and conflict prevention. Here our key achievements and contributions to stability.



Number of districts where SSF has worked in Somalia



Number of Somalia Stability Fund investments


People Impacted

Number of people reached through our stabilisation investments

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