SSF funded government offices opened in Baidoa

The Southwest State of Somalia (SWS) celebrated its third anniversary a day after its President, H.E. Sharif Hassan, officially launched the newly constructed Ministry of Finance and Office of the President buildings. The events were attended by dignitaries, including the Federal government of Somalia’s State Minister of the office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Abdullahi Hamud Mohamed, traditional elders, youth and women groups.

Reeling from decades of lawlessness, the relatively young regional state grappled with the lack of adequate government offices, which has limited its ability to govern and deliver services. The regional state’s Ministry of Finance, for example, has been operating out of makeshift structures, making it extremely difficult to deliver on its mandate.
In 2015, SSF initiated the construction of two buildings  [/su_column] to house the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the President in response to the SWS’ dire need for infrastructural support.

In 2017, the construction was successfully completed, culminating in a colorful launching ceremony on the 16th November 2017.
“These offices have been established to provide services for the public. They belong to the public,” said Sharif Hassan. “Looking back at where we came from, we are making great strides in improving public service delivery,” he added.
Operating out of a professional environment plays a crucial role in improving the legitimacy and capability of government institutions. Before, said Sultan Warsame, a community leader speaking at the launch, “we held our meeting under that tree, “pointing to a nearby Acacia tree. “Today, the regional government has beautiful offices to run its affairs from.”