Rehabilitation of Jubbaland Ministries

Jubbaland has worked closely with the Stability Fund to strengthen its institutional capacity to deliver services to its citizens. In February 2014, the Stability Fund supported Jubbaland to launch a new public financial management system to improve revenue collection and expenditure management. In July 2014, we also began to support the construction of buildings to house the Ministries of Social Affairs, Planning and Finance.

Our partner, the NIS Foundation, contracted three local construction companies to do the work. Construction materials were sourced locally. To meet the demand for materials, local entrepreneurs established new businesses. “The high demand allowed the local aluminium fabrication sector to grow from one dominant company to four competing businesses” said Hayle, an owner of one of the companies.

The construction work also provided temporary employment for 600 people including skilled and unskilled labourers. The wages the labourers earned through employment improved the living conditions of many families in Kismayo. One of the beneficiaries is Hakimo Mohamud, a mother of six who migrated to Kismayo from Bualle, Middle Shabelle, to escape conflict. “I tried to save half of my daily payment and use the other half for the family bill,” she said, adding that she is now able to sustain her family’s needs, ”with my savings I started a small vegetable and butchery shop next to my house.”

The ceremony to officially open the ministry buildings was held on 9th August 2015, with the President of Jubbaland in attendance.  Jubbaland’s Finance Minister Ibrahim Bajuun is enthusiastic and has high hopes for the future. “The completion of the Ministries led to the recruitment of new staff to help deliver public services” said Minister Bajuun.

We are proud to have played a part in helping to build Jubbaland. The commitment shown by the citizens and businesses in Kismayo has been a source of inspiration to us and we will continue to support the region through various new investments.