Somali Green Initiatives & Technology


Somali Green Initiatives & Technology (SOMGIT) is a private company based in Mogadishu, Somalia. Founded by Somali professionals, SOMGIT provides innovative drip irrigation systems, greenhouse farming solutions, agro-inputs, and marketing services to farmers in South Central Somalia. 

Somali farmers, especially those without access to the traditional flood irrigation systems, rely  on rain-fed agriculture thereby limiting crop production to the rainy season. A delay or lack of rain means potential crop failure. 

Access to efficient and reliable irrigation can bring about a step-change in agricultural production and income generation. It provides the farmers with a second cropping season, or even year-round production, liberating farmers from the vagaries of the rainy season. Furthermore, farmers are able to cultivate fruits, vegetables, and other higher-value crops that require consistent water supply. Drip irrigation systems also deliver nutrients, as well as water, directly to the individual plant, reducing the growth of weeds nearby. 

SOMGIT’s agro solutions, which include solar-powered water pumps, provide a proven water-conserving, energy-saving and cost-effective system. For example, SOMGIT’s approach yields water savings of over 80% compared to traditional surface irrigation systems. 

SOMGIT also has the capacity to develop water resource supplies to farmers, including the drilling of boreholes and development of ponds for farmers to store and channel water. With a reliable water supply in place, SOMGIT delivers drip irrigation equipment, high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs together with agronomical training and guidance on all aspects of planting, input application, and other farm functions. All equipment and agro-inputs are supplied to the farmers up-front and are subsequently paid for from crop revenues in accordance with a Sharia-compliant lease-to-own scheme. 

The Stability Fund is proud to be a partner of innovative Somali businesses like SOMGIT and, in addition to our financial investment, we are providing technical assistance to strengthen its internal financial and management systems in order to prepare the company for future rounds of funding from new investors.