Somalia Stability Fund is a multi – donor fund with variety of contributors from Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, EU, Germany and the UK. The Stability Fund is open to further funding from a range of donors

Representatives from the local women groups participate in the launching event of several SSF funded projects in Baidoa.

Representatives from each of the Stability Fund’s seven donors sit on the Joint Donor Committee, which is facilitated by the Secretariat Office.  The role of the Committee may evolve depending on the final composition and terms of reference of the Board. The Joint Donor Committee’s role is to:

  • Oversee the Secretariat Office
  • Act as a forum for agreeing on donor-wide issues
  • Discuss and agree on any structural changes to the Stability Fund.


The Secretariat Office comprises two secondees – from the Netherlands Government and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.  Its role is to:

  • Develop Stability Fund policy and strategy.
  • Make all programmatic decisions, including to ensure project alignment with Stability Fund policy.
  • Oversee the Fund Manager.
The residents of Warsheikh celebrate during the launch of the Warsheikh House Hold Electrification Project funded by Somalia Stability Fund.
The celebration of the #Somalia National Youth Day was exceptional in Galka’ayo.

The Fund Manager consists of a team incorporating project management, financial management, knowledge management, communications and field staff.
Its role is to:

  • Administer projects selected and approved by the Secretariat Office.
  • Provide day-to-day oversight of all implementing partners, including monitoring and financial appraisal.
  • Manage the Stability Fund’s communications.
  • Develop the capacity of some investors and potential investors of the Stability Fund.
  • Report to the Secretariat, including regular financial and narrative reports.