The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is a multi-donor fund that supports peace and stability in Somalia. It is designed to support enhanced government legitimacy and reduced political and communal conflict through the Fund’s work on identifying and addressing key political fault-line issues; on enhancing popular participation in governance; on increasing government visibility and community engagement and on reducing community vulnerability to conflict.

Enhancing access to education in Baidoa

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Stability Fund’s Water Projects save lives

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Building bridges between communities and the police

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SSF invests in

Peace & Stability Efforts

Somali Stability Fund has been at the forefront, addressing the causes of conflict and instability by bridging divisions between communities, by creating opportunities for engagement and collaboration around mutual interests or addressing competition over critical natural resources. For Somalia-locally-owned solutions and structures are continually implemented.


Given Somalia’s sparse rainfall and semi-arid landscape, embracing drip irrigation technology provides a great opportunity for the farming community in Balcad to spearhead a Green Revolution in Somalia and contribute growth and food security.

Women Empowerment

The position of Somali women has changed over the years, influenced by religion, culture & identity’. Somali women’s experiences are not collective and each individual’s experience is unique within a particular historical and social context’. 

Who We Are

The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia.

It offers Somali stakeholders a source of multi-year funding that can respond to local needs and opportunities and provides sustained support to long-term local efforts of building stability in Somalia. SSF helps areas become stable over the medium-term whilst better connecting them to a broader national framework.

Our Key Achievements

The Somalia Stability Fund works under three key pillars – stabilization, state-building and conflict prevention. Here our key achievements and contributions to stability.



People directly involved or consulted in decision-making on policies and investment



People trained in conflict resolution and applying those skills



Youth receiving education, vocational training or economic opportunities