​​The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fundworking towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia. It offers Somali stakeholders a source of multi-year funding that can respond to local needs and opportunities, It provides sustained support over the longer term to local process of building stability in Somalia, and helps areas become stable over the medium-term whilst better connecting them to a broader national framework.
The Stability Fund contributes towards enhancing stability in Somalia through the following pragmatic outputs:

  1. FGS-FMS, Inter & Intra State: Fault-Lines for political conflict are identified and appropriately addressed.
  2. Enhanced popular participation in governance, particularly for women and excluded communities.
  3. Increased government visibility and community engagement
  4. Reduced community vulnerability to conflict

​​​​​​​The Stability Fund invests in locations where local governance is at its weakest and security is poor, but where there is potential to make progress. This includes the newly-recovered areas of Somalia and other conflict-affected locations. ​

Our guiding principles
  1. Context-appropriate – SSF strategy and programming will be based on regular analysis and scenario-planning, ensuring a flexible and adaptive approach which responds to changes on the ground. See Section 7 for more on SSF’s approach here.
  2. Right people, right places – SSF will empower its Somali staff in the SO and the Fund Manager country team, who speak the language and bring strong local understanding and political networks, ensuring that this informs policy and programming decisions.
  3. Put politics first – the Fund will engage with Somali politics to understand incentives and identify investments; and use project funding and the SO’s influence to help to build confidence in political processes and underpin the agreements that come out of them, including through use of performance funding where opportunities emerge.
  4. Learning and adapting – SSF will develop a learning agenda which supports the iteration and adaptation of strategy and programming in line with emerging evidence and lessons. .
  5. Coalition-building – SSF use diverse fora to share SSF analysis and learning and encourage a commonality of intent in pursuing policy objectives, such that, SSF’s contribution to stability is part of a wider strategy to tackle the drivers of conflict.
  6. Local ownership – SSF will ensure alignment with government priorities and government visibility and leadership across all investments, whilst at the same time supporting government- community engagement and responsive delivery, as the key to building trust between communities and government and ensuring sustainability.
  7. Gender and conflict sensitive – SSF investments will aim to positively address conflict dynamics and shift gendered power relations to promote women’s empowerment.
  8. Risk and return – SSF will take a balanced portfolio approach to risk, which ensures that high risk projects are balanced by low risk projects, being honest about why certain risks (political, security, etc are worth taking).

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