​​The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund which supports peace and stability in Somalia. It is designed to strengthen local stability, improve the co-ordination of international support and enhance its delivery, in accordance with the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States. The Stability Fund’s objectives are to:

  1. Support representative and responsive local governance;  
  2. Support the resolution and mitigation of conflicts.  ​

The Stability Fund prioritises support to Somali-owned organisations and networks, Somali private sector and government entities. It will also work with international for profit and non-profit organisations.

The Stability Fund will make targeted investments which support representative and responsive Somali governance, as well as the mitigation and resolution of conflict.The Stability Fund will invest in a broad range of initiatives across Somalia and is open to working with an array of partners, from national and international non-profit organisations to private enterprises.Existing investments include community driven development programmes, youth empowerment projects, and peacebuilding and community safety initiatives. However, with the exception of humanitarian assistance, the Stability Fund is able to invest in any initiative than can make a significant contribution to the Stability Fund’s broad objectives and principles.​

​​​​​​​The Stability Fund will invest in locations where local governance is at its weakest and security is poor, but where there is potential to make progress.  This includes the newly-recovered areas of Somalia and other conflict-affected locations.​

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