The Stability Fund is well known for its support to state-building in Somalia. Under the Federal Government’s Vision 2016 Plan we have supported the processes leading to the formation of interim administrations in Southwest and Galmudug; and the constitution-making process in Jubbaland; and we continue to work with these administrations to develop their capacity and strengthen their legitimacy (see our July newsletter for more on this).

Perhaps less well known is the Fund’s extensive support for community-level peacebuilding, in partnership with international and local NGOs, private sector and government. This month’s newsletter shines a spotlight on this work, which aims to support local structures and build on traditional methods of arbitration to help resolve the community-based conflicts that can claim tens of lives in a single week in Somalia.

The stories that follow show that it is possible to address the causes of conflict and instability by bridging divisions between communities, whether by creating opportunities for engagement and collaboration around mutual interests or addressing competition over critical natural resources such as water. The important thing – common to all these initiatives – is to work with and build on locally-owned solutions and structures.

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