The Somalia Stability Fund regularly issues calls for concept notes covering a wide range of development needs throughout Somalia. The stability fund is open to all organisations and regions in Somalia, unless otherwise stated.
An independent evaluation panel including Stability Fund staff and external experts review all applications. The panel scores according to criteria published on each call for concept note.

  1. Evaluation Of Proposals

    Based on the proposals received, the Evaluation Panel will assess the Proposals according to the evaluation criteria stipulated in the call. A limited number of organizations will then be shortlisted and invited to the next phase, at which stage a due diligence and capacity assessment is undertaken.

  2. Invitation for Presentation

    Shortlisted organizations and consortiums will be notified in writing and invited to present their proposals to the SSF Evaluation Panel. The presentation will be scored according to the established Evaluation Criteria set out in the call and will form part of the final score of the initial selection of partners. Partners selected at this stage will proceed to the Collaborative phase.

  3. Collaboration

    Selected partners will be invited to collaborate with SSF to further refine their investment strategies. The goal of the collaboration is to develop a mutually agreeable framework and implementing strategy that clearly illustrates how the investment will promote the investment sector. Detailed budget and activities will be discussed and negotiated at this stage. Organizations and consortiums shall revise their proposals consistent with the guidance received from SSF during this phase.

  4. Due Diligence

    Before the final step is undertaken, the Due Diligence and Capacity Assessment (DDCA) will be concluded. The DDCA will be undertaken for all consortium applicants including sub-applicants.

  5. Selection

    As a final step, the SSF Evaluation Panel will make a final selection of applicants to submit final documents and proceed to contracting. It would be pertinent that organizations/consortiums must meet the expected due diligence and capacity standards in order to be contracted. The Fund also reserves the right at any stage of the process to enter into agreement with one, or more, or none of the applicants.