Ministry complex and youth centre handed over in Kismayo, Jubbaland

Two buildings, multiple advantages and great potential for Jubbaland!

We’ve just come back from opening two critical new buildings in Jubbaland and must say are pretty excited about them. The two buildings are one ministry complex that will house seven Jubbaland ministries, and one youth centre that will offer social services to youth in Kismayo.

On Sunday 17th of February H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Islam officially opened the recently completed Jubbaland ministries complex and H.E Vice President Abdulkadir Haji Mohamud (Lugadhere) opened the youth centre. Several Ministers and other government officials attended the opening ceremony and both projects are initiated by the government and funded by the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF). The ministries complex will provide much-needed space to deliver public services while the youth centre will provide a safe social space for young men and women in Kismayo.

 “These critical facilities will contribute to improving service delivery and the visibility of the Jubbaland state. We will continue to support implementors  and all those who would like to support not only Jubbaland but Somalia at large. We must put the needs of people first. To my administrators: you are now faced with the task of maintaining the facilities, providing services to the people and increasing state revenues.” — H.E the President

“We are grateful for the support and quality of work, but must also remember that it is peace, stability and leadership, that enabled buildings these fine facilities. This is to say, we will continue to provide government support to all our partners to ensure you have an enabling environment to work in.” — H.E Vice president

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    thanks i am very glad also we need like i stay in Garbaharey Jubbaland state

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