Bringing public service closer to the people of Jubbaland

After the collapse of the central government, Somalia descended in to a prolonged period of statelessness, leading to a breakdown in public service delivery across the country. The protracted vacuum affects public confidence in public institutions, and increases youth’s susceptibility to radicalization and migration – which often involves taking perilous routes overseas in search of better livelihood opportunities.

In the Jubbaland State of Somalia (JSS), government ministries often operate in dilapidated, makeshift structures that make it difficult to fulfil their duties effectively and creates negative public perception.  To address these needs, in early 2017 the Somali Stability Fund (SSF)  contracted the Nordic International Support (NIS) to manage the construction of a multistory building to house three government ministries and a youth centre following a request from the JSS government. The building is set to host the Ministries of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries. Given that livestock, agriculture and fisheries form the backbone of JSS’ economy, the ministries have the potential to massively improve the wellbeing of the communities.

On July 13 2107, a delegation of the JSS president, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia laid the foundation stone for the SSF-funded multistory government building and a youth centre in Kismayo, the capital city of JSS. The launching event brought together the leaders of the regional state, federal government and diverse social groups such as youth and women, and was hailed as a step towards strengthening the relationship between the federal government and JSS.

The projects will help improve public services. “These kind of projects feed into the government’s plan to improve coordination among the public institutions across the country’’ Says the Federal Government’s Minister for Public works. “’the projects will improve public service delivery” he continues.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government wrote in his Twitter handle that he laid the foundation stone for the two construction projects; one for ministries and a youth centre.

Upon completion, the ministries and the youth centre are expected to efficiently serve the populous Lower Jubba, Middle Juba and Gedo regions of Somalia.