The Somalia Stability Fund is proud of our strong and collaborative relationships with the emerging federal member states. The hallmark of that collaboration over the past two and a half years has been the joint work on public administration and public financial management. Due to strong political will and leadership from the administrations, the Stability Fund has successfully supported the states to set up ministries of finance from scratch, develop systems for financial management and revenue raising and transparently recruit and train qualified civil servants. This work is largely without precedent anywhere in the world, where the emphasis is typically on reforming existing public financial management (PFM) systems, rather than starting with a completely blank sheet of paper.

The Stability Fund sees this work as integral to our mandate to support viable and legitimate governance structures at the local level. By supporting the emerging federal member states to execute essential functions of government, the Fund is helping to increase the states’ capacity to provide security and rule of law and, over time, to deliver additional services to their citizens. In the process, we are contributing to strengthening popular trust in the administrations.

The Stability Fund will hand-over the work on PFM to a new, larger programme led by the UK Department for International Development and the Delegation to the European Union from 1st October – itself a further indicator of the strong results achieved to date. As we prepare for that hand-over, we have dedicated this issue of the newsletter to documenting the successes to date. We’re particularly pleased to be able to give the Jubbaland administration the opportunity to tell the story in their own words, through an exclusive interview with Mohamud Sheikh Ibrahim Liban, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Finance.