You might wonder what a tea shop owner from Wajid, a farmer from Balad and an amateur footballer from Xudur have in common? The answer is that they have all benefitted in different ways from the Stability Fund’s stabilization and development work in Bakool and Middle Shebelle.

In this month’s newsletter, we bring together three stories that really exemplify how the Stability Fund is working hand in hand with NGOs, the private sector, communities, and local, regional and federal authorities to improve people’s lives in some of the most hard-to-reach districts of Somalia.

Yet the most striking aspect of these stories is the ingenuity and resilience of the communities themselves. Take Wajid, for example, where commodity prices have fallen from previously inflated levels, communities are returning and working together to bring the town back to life. Or Xudur, where good security is maintained by a community policing initiative. And where the community successfully fundraised over 20% of the construction costs of a new hospital

Our experience is that when we work with and in support of community and local government priorities, the results often surpass even our expectations. Read on to find out more…

Editorial by Karen Mahy