Facilitating the formation of the Interim Galmudug Administration

On July 30th 2014, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), together with representatives from the region and the international community, signed an agreement to work towards creating an interim administration in Somalia’s central regions as a further step towards Vision 2016.

A month later, the Ministry of Interior and Federalism (MIF) announced the formation of a Technical Committee, with Halima Yarey as Chairlady, whose role was to prepare a roadmap and facilitate the process of creating the interim administration.

The process encountered huge challenges, ranging from the location of the state formation conference through to defining the borders of the new administration. When the MIF and the Technical Committee began negotiating with key stakeholders, they knew that some of these challenges needed to be resolved up-front, whilst others might only be resolved later.

While the process was led by Somalis, the Stability Fund provided financing for community consultations, accommodation for the Traditional Elders and Regional Conference delegates, media support, and the training for the Technical Committee. In addition, the Fund supported workshops to ensure the active participation of youth and women’s groups.

Local ownership yielded a good process and a positive outcome. The Stability Fund played a supporting role only, with local stakeholders in the driving seat.  This approach should lead to a sustainable administration, though further technical and logistical support will doubtless be needed in the years to come.

The establishment of a representative parliament and the election of the President are important steps towards peace and state-building for the people of the central regions, and for Somalia as a whole. The Constitution includes a 30% quota for women in all state institutions which, although challenging to achieve, aims to make these institutions inclusive.

The Stability Fund is proud to have had the opportunity to support this Somali-led process. The commitment shown by all those involved was inspiring, and we will continue to support the region with new investment.