Flood mitigation in Abudwak

The city of Abudwak is located in northwest of Galguduud region in central Somalia. Most of the people here are pastoralists herding camels, cattle sheep and goats. The city has some of the richest grazing lands with one of the largest animal markets in the region. The economy has been growing over the years, with the construction of offices, warehouses and private homes on the rise. Abudwak and surrounding area has red sands with a semi desert look, the city is in a basin area which is not favorable to intense rain that occurs twice a year, often giving rise to flooding. However further into the grazing lands near the border with Ethiopia’s Somali Province, one finds forest and mountains where mostly camels are herded.

The Federal and local government jointly requested the Stability fund to provide drainage to solve the perennial flooding in Abudwak. In its local consultations, the Stability Fund team found that the community wanted to improve an existing solution that the local people had installed the previous year.  Our team found that the community had installed a generator, pump and pipe drainage system, but that it lacked the capacity to cope with the scale of flooding in the district.

Working closely with the local government, the Stability Fund purchased a high capacity generator and pump that was delivered to Abudwak. We then contracted OPEC, a local Somali construction company to begin excavation and construction work with the generator and pump already at the site.

Implementation involved construction of an underground storm water collection tank, plumbing works from the underground tank to the existing elevated tank connecting to a drainage network that comprise a number of inspection chambers.  Upon completion the team installed the generator and a heavy duty submersible pump linked to network of water pipes and drainage systems. This solution is a step in mitigating the risk of flooding in Abudwak – one that has been delivered thanks to cooperation between the local government and the Federal Government in Mogadishu.

The Stability Fund is proud to work with the local administration and community in Abudwak district, the commitment shown by those involved in the process was inspiring and the Fund will continue to support the region through various new investments.